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If my fear has kept me here, only my fear can set me free.

wondxryears asked: Omg please do a cover of teenage dirtbag. That would be so rad!



You think so too Kendall!? K we’ll definitely talk about it :) xx

broken-mirrors1 asked: Citizen. No matter how hard I try I cant get into it



well im recommending songs for you to listen to so that you can but uh

I’m Sick of Waiting, Right Through, Speaking With A Ghost

send me bands u wanna get into

"To cost candy"
To cost a lot. 

"J’ai entendu que Katia s’est acheté un sac qui lui a coûté bonbon, 600€ !" 
"I heard that Katia bought a friggin expensive bag, 600€!" 

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Coûter bonbon


George is perfect.

His voice is so powerful, makes me wanna cry..

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The grimes family


Honestly, I am really looking forward to the bethyl reunion. Like every time I think of it I want to burst. But even more so than that, i seriously cannot wait to see the look on Rick and carls faces when they see Judith for the first time.

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